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Cash flow is the lifeblood of business and the performance of your receivables cycle holds the key to maximize your cash flow. By switching to outsourced Accounts Receivables services you will be in better position take control of your accounts receivables processes and obtain overall excellence in their performance.

Accounts Receivables Outsourcing is dedicated to organizations seeking to engage their paying customers with a greater focus upon the long-term customer relationship. We want you to feel confident that your accounting system accurately reflects your current situation.

We work with you from initial invoicing and customer contact to collections and bad debt recovery. It starts out as a customer service function, with calls and letters to verify satisfaction, encourage payment and forecast potential problems and we handle it in your name in a customer oriented manner.

Based on clients requirement we entirely transform the Accounts Receivable process and providing them a comprehensive end-to-end solution. Accounts receivable is one of those non-core processes that make a client always standing up on his toes. We have streamlined this process in such a manner that client can focus on major business competencies.

Our approach to Accounts Receivables Outsourcing is working as your extended staff - at any time you need help regarding your receivable assets servicing, strengthening your customer relationships and improving the productivity of your staff.


  • Payment to Invoice reconciliation
  • Matching of invoices with payments received;
  • Cash applications;
  • Checks processing

    - ACH payment processing
    - Wire transfers processing
    - Direct deposit processing
    - Credit card payments processing
  • Unapplied Cash research;
  • Unapplied Cash applications;
  • Collections

    - Dunning letters
    - Follow up Correspondence
    - Non receipt Correspondence;
  • Bad debts - Accounting & Provision;
  • Write off's processing;
  • Discounts processing;
  • Customer query resolution
    - Voice

AR Process

  • Receiving scanned copies of invoices from the client
  • Indexing the invoices based on customer specific details
  • Entering the invoice after matching it with the database
  • Keeping track of Deposits and checks received from the customers
  • Generating reports like aging reports and any discrepancies found and reporting it to the client
  • Issuing reminders to defaulting Customers
  • Reconciliation of customer accounts
  • Addressing any of the customers grievances
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